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Pilates in Northbrook

Balance Your Life with Pilates, Relationship / Life coaching in Northbrook (Chicago)

Build a strong core — flat abdominals and a strong back are based on muscles closest to the spine and deep abdominals. The trunk, pelvis and shoulder girdle are integrated.

Reduce stress by learning how to breathe properly while moving with power and efficiency

Get in tune with your body by controlling your movement with correct spinal and pelvic alignment and proper breathing.

Improve your posture and gain flexibility when re-training your body to move safely and efficiently.

pilates studio Northbrook (Chicago)

Create long, lean muscles instead of short and bulky ones, typical of weight-bearing exercises. Pilates improves muscle elasticity and joint mobility.

Prevent injuries due to muscular imbalance by building an evenly conditioned body. Pilates uses all muscle groups with a greater variety of exercises and less repetitions. Pilates in Northbrook.

Improve sports performance. No muscle group is over- or under-trained. Among professional sports teams and athletes, Pilates is usually included in training regimens.

LOVE Your Life

How can we become whole beings — sporting bodies that are physically fit, living dreams satisfied with our accomplishments, engaging in healthy relationships, and loving our lives? That is the quest that individuals, couples, parents and families are pursuing at Hidden Power Life Coaching & Pilates in Chicago (Northbrook). Pilates in Northbrook. It is a mission we should all undertake to discover our own true hidden power to produce healthy, happy, fulfilled, purposeful lives. Pilates in Northbrook. And this will help you with pilates, life, and relationships coach.
Mind, body and spirit work together to accomplish this goal. It is no surprise that healing the body often requires healing the soul. And so, in search of the quest, this two-pronged business appropriately named Hidden Power, was formed to reach that end.
Pilates training offers balance to the body — in core strength, overall conditioning of power and flexibility, posture and spinal alignment, and breath control. Life Coaching offers a non-judgmental setting to identify goals, behavior patterns, and reconfigure thoughts and habits to reach the optimal life we desire.
Hidden Power Pilates clients are experiencing fewer injuries, better sports performance, and living their lives with mobility, flexibility and more attractive bodies. Life Coaching clients are discovering that the answers lie within. By peeling back the crusty layers left behind from bad experiences and poor relationships, trainers help you discover who you really are!
Personal transformation is possible by: identifying the things we want to improve, addressing the obstacles, and breaking behavior patterns that create undesirable results. By discovering and using our hidden power, we can transform our lives! Our coaches are experienced and professional in their own business. Pilates in Northbrook. Thanks to such tools as Pilates, training in the psychology of life, and relationships will help you to reach the goal in the shortest possible time.

Our Passions and Specialties

Succeed in Life


Journey with Others


Become Physically Fit

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Transform Your Life With Life Coaching

Discover how to create the life you want instead of enduring the life you think you have to live.
Discover your personal goals for physical fitness and body image, marriage, parenting, career, and other life pursuits.

Identify the things you want to improve, and break the behavior that prevents you from achieving it.
Work toward greater fulfillment and personal transformation.
Create better relationships in the family, between children, parents and spouses. Pilates in Northbrook.
Learn to abandon negative beliefs and assumptions — internal obstacles that block associations and positive experiences with others.
Communicate better, and understand what others are saying, by raising your energy levels.