Pilates knee exercises

Pilates knee exercises

Pilates knee exercises are a sure way to healing, just like any physical activity in general. These exercises will help you to strengthen your knee ligaments, improve the condition of your knee joints and live a fuller life overall. Continue reading to learn more about the problems many people experience with their knees and how Pilates workout may help to cope with them.

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Some of the most common knee-related problems are:

  • ligament damage: the knee contains four ligaments that connect the thighbone to the shinbone. Most often, a ligament rupture occurs as a result of a fall or an injury;
  • tendon damage (tendinitis): an inflammation of the tendons connecting the muscles with the bones;
  • meniscus damage: meniscus is cartilage within the knee joint, and its damage, essentially, results into its rupture;
  • bursitis: an inflammation of small pouches with fluid mitigating joint frictions.

The above list is a reminder about how essential it is for your knees to be protected, because a lot of different problems can happen to them. The most effective method to prevent trouble from happening is physical activity.

Why Pilates?

Pilates workout routine includes a variety of exercises that involve the knees. During a workout session, you will jump, squat and stretch your knees. The dynamics and range of movements will be adjusted in a way to help you to work out your knee joint to the extent possible. During workouts, you will also use weight-lifting machines to increase load intensity. As a result, blood flow in muscles and tendons will improve; they will be saturated with oxygen and will acquire a tighter tone, which means they will become more resistant to injuries. Be sure to drink plenty of water, otherwise your knee joint may become dehydrated.

In general, Pilates workout affects not one part of the body, but rather makes it possible to achieve a thorough improvement in your health status. An experienced coach will monitor the workout process and compile a workout routine in compliance with the objectives set. If you’re a resident of Northbrook (Chicago) and experience problems with your knees, we are waiting for you! Be sure to consult a doctor before taking up Pilates knee exercises.