Want to improve your posture?

Want to improve your posture?

Want to improve your posture? Pilates workout is the perfect choice! Want to feel balance, confidence and ease in your body? Hidden Power Studio in Northbrook is there to help! A qualified coach and all necessary equipment and gear will be available for you to achieve your objectives. Continue reading to learn more about how Pilates workout is going to help you in correcting your body posture.

It is known that a healthy spine is the ultimate foundation of good health. If it positioned correctly in anatomical terms, body processes occur flawlessly, but a slightest deformation causes a balance to tip. If a spinal curvature is substantial, the body begins to harm itself.

  • If half of the muscles in the muscular system are hypertonic, their mirror half is in an atonic condition;
  • Internal organs are subject to pressure, so their proper functioning is impaired;
  • Because the body functions incorrectly, its resources are rapidly exhausted.

If such imbalanced condition subsists for a long time, a chain reaction occurs, and other health problems appear over time.

How Will Pilates Workout Help Me to Correct My Posture?

In Pilates workout routine, a lot of exercises are used to stretch and align different parts of the body. It combines techniques derived from yoga and stretching exercises, as well as other exercises to improve bodily balance and equilibrium. If you do an exercise involving a load on the muscles of one half of your body, you should complement it with exercises involving the use of the other half of your body. Pilates workout involves:

  • tendons,
  • spine,
  • joints,
  • normalization of muscle tone,
  • clarity of thoughts, resulting from positive changes.

After a few weeks of workouts, you will develop a habit of monitoring your body and maintaining the correct posture at all times. You simply won’t be able to do otherwise, because stooping will cause you discomfort. In addition to posture correction, a so-called body correction occurs simultaneously. Muscles acquire the right tone and shape, so your body will look more expressive and appealing, and you will look healthier all around. A similar effect may be achieved through massage, but, if you are in for active workout, we are looking forward to having you join us! Our Pilates Studio is located in Northbrook. Our gym is equipped with all necessary equipment and gear. If you have any questions or require a consultation, don’t hesitate to call us at: 847-962-5912. We will be happy to help you!